Arlington’s division of property management is meant to take over many of the responsibilities of the landlords. We can handle all the routine maintenance that your properties demands and we are ready at a moments notice to take care of the emergency situations as well. Just as no two properties are exactly a like nither are any two property owners and that’s why we strongly believe in building relationships in order to tailior our services around our clients needs. We look forward to sitting down and talking with you when you are ready.

Property Mainenance

From bright summers to chilly winters Arlington Property Management has you covered. We began as a simple landscape maintenance company taking care of all the needs of homeowners and as we’ve grown our services have expanded to include plowing and salting. As is the case in business eventually are entrepenurial custumers started asking if we could provide property maintenance for the commercial lots. We understand with with rental properties that the importance on quality multiplies with every unit.

Property Leasing

We can help fill your empty units
Looking for an affordable place to live? Pinnacle Properties offers a wide variety of customized apartments and homes to choose from. We strive to create home spaces tailored to your taste. Give us a call today to hear more about our available apartments and options!

Some of our services:

  • Certificate of Occupancy services
  • Section 8 services
  • Rehabs
  • Tenant make-readies


  • Snowplowing services
  • Landscaping and lawn maintenance
  • Flips
  • All-inclusive maintenance programs